Music means different things to everyone. Music can connect us to places and people or even we can feel the beat and lose our selves in the music. The wonderful thing about music is it can help everyone from everywhere, when you're in the prime time of your life or the most mellow time of your life. The variety of genres available to mostly everyone on the internet, is unbelievable.

Music can change a room full of strangers into a room full of friends, letting go of judgement. Teaching music can help disabled people communicate and enjoy by making a master piece.

Music is changing more than ever, it is now becoming a place to express feelings on topical issues and a method to also spread awareness for pretty much anything. Music used to be creating entertainment now it has changed to have a encrypted meaning for people to realise.

Music is even used in cinematic productions to create suspense tricking the mind. Music is in our society much more than we realise. So we need to help many youth groups who use music in many different ways. They bring people together creating a community and a safe place for people to express their feelings. Music is much more powerful than we realise.