If the worlds temperature increases by 1 degree, humans are in deadly dangerous substances. 

We have all heard about climate change. Some think it’s real, some think it’s fake but most just don’t know or want to do anything about it. “I’m just one person, my change won’t matter” says Alex aged 19. This is a commonly thought idea. Everyday I see litter and rubbish on the streets of Swanley. Although this is obvious, most people don’t know the small simple ways they can help decrease their carbon footprint for themselves and Swanley. 

Plastic is a main focus in people’s lives. Whether it’s used for food, products or packaging. Simple ways such as buying food from your local market or shopping for food that have no packaging, are ways you can easily decrease your plastic use. In Swanley’s Asda there is a section full of non packaged foods. Buying metal straws and bamboo toothbrushes, which last longer,can also be ways to cut down plastic. 

“Is be willing to use my car less and walk more, but what about food waste and fossil fuels?” Asked Emily, when asked if she was willing to change her life style to help her carbon footprint. 

In response to this I would suggest composting any uneaten food. The food will decompose in to soil that can help your plants grow. Buying less and saving more also helps with using less fossil fuels. We are a consumer society and businesses take advantage of this. If we cut down our purchases we can help the environment aswell as save. Using public servaces such as buses and trains or cycling bikes can help reduce carbon emissions on a large scale. 

Being aware that small changes make a big change is part of helping you carbon footprint. It’s simple and will change your future. Literally.