Monoux students perform play at SOHO theatre

On the 2rd of April students from Monoux College when to SOHO Theatre to perform a play called Terra by Nell Leyshon.

Terra is a play about a new boy that goes to a school and get bullied because he is different.

To be a part of the play students had to audition by writing and performing a monologue. This opportunity was open to students all over the college. In the beginning students did a lot of improvisation to develop their acting skills.

A month before the production students had to perform the play. There was a group of students who were dedicated enough to come every week on a Tuesday and Wednesday after college. When the rehearsal process finally began the focus was very much on the beginning of the play Students had to rehearse during lunch time as well as after school. The final version of the play got put together on the day of the performance. Terra is a physical theatre piece which the audience found very impressive. An audience member said “The play was very good it was very impactful but it was very short”. The director Barris Celiloglu said “That was very good. You should all be proud of yourselves”. Barris also informed the students that there was an agent there and he was impressed and wanted the contact details of the students.