Everyone judges peoples first appearance's. I think they do it because they are insecure about themselves and lift the weight onto someone else.

I also think that people show what they want people to see. They want to be seen as this smart person, so they carry round a book, and people fall for it because are to busy assuming to look past the appearance or to busy seeing what is right infront of there eyes.

Some people may wear a bright colour just because they want to or because they want to look happy, and might not be. We judge what they look like and we think we know their whole life but we dont, we dont know them on the inside. We say 'don't judge a book by its cover' but we still do and has anyone ever said lets all make the books the same cover, to make this statement become true, no. Maybe, if we did this we would stop judging everything and everyone around us, this isn't true because we are humans and judging is nailed into our heads from our first breaths. We don't know the whole story even if we read the whole book, so don't assume or judge other people because you wouldn't want them to do it to you.