The fourth and final, finale to the world renown avengers’ sequels has finally arrived, shocking the world by rocketing up to approximately $644 million at the box office soaring past its previous sequel, Avengers Infinity war by $3 million more.

The hugely popular marvel sequels have gained popularity over the years for the intriguing and thrilling nature of the films. I mean, who doesn’t love the idea of a team of funny and fascinating superheroes with astonishing superpowers? The film has also broken the record for one of the biggest opening days in North America, bypassing one of the sequels of the equally successful Star Wars the force awakens (2015), by almost $37 million more! Rumoured reports also believe that Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Captain America, Black Widow and many more are on the route to a breath-taking industry record of around $1 billion!

Viewers of the film and critics both agree that it is a 5-star worthy film, some critics saying, “Marvel have surely left best to last” “in any words terrific”, “contender for the crown (greatest films ever)”.Viewers of the film have advised others to ‘pack your tissues’ due to the 181 minute emotional roller-coaster.

Overall, the incredible conclusion to the films written by the late legend Stan lee has created quite the impression globally and continues to. If it can’t be argued by a matter of opinion to be one of the greatest films of all year (so far), statistics can surely back this up. Could Avengers-Endgame be one of the greatest films of all time?