Tuesday April 23rd was a day greatly anticipated by the students and staff at Henrietta Barnett School in Barnet. This was the day the school would attempt to break the world record for greatest number of people reciting Shakespeare in one go. To break the record, 300 students were needed to participate and the school had almost double that figure in participants- ranging from Year Sevens to A level students to a few particularly keen teachers, the atmosphere was tense but exciting. The passages had to be recited off book, and outside adjudicators circled the participants to ensure that they did not stumble, while the rest of the school and some people from the local area watched from the sidelines. The participants made a striking image, dressed in a range of colours and handmade Elizabethan style ruffs, created by the school’s art department.
While it is not known yet if the attempt was successful, it seemed likely that the school succeeded in their challenge, due to the efforts of all the students and staff, especially Samantha Kay, the head of English, who spearheaded the whole effort.