Real Revision tips from students: It is almost may which means that for many teenagers GCSE’s are approaching. Along with the stress and worry that this brings, it also brings lots of revision. Revision. The dreaded word hated by so many people. We have been told how to, when to start, how much to do and what to do. But that doesn’t make actually doing it any easier.

For this article, I interviewed real students doing their GCSE’s to find out what they did to make this time easier. Most people try a variety of techniques to keep it interesting but others stuck to a one way method. I asked Katerina Elger, from Rosebery school what she believed was the method. She said, “Instead of doing hours of one subject and getting bored, try doing short bursts of separate topics and subjects. For example if you study 10 subjects and you have 5 hours to revise, do half an hour of each. This way you are less likely to get bored and you will cover a lot more”.

I also asked another student Zoya Danayal how she revises, she replied with “past papers are an easy and fool proof way to revise but I also find it useful to use more interactive tools. For instance creating mind maps or using visual tools can be a more proactive way to revise.”

In conclusion, your revision will have the best outcome if it works for you. Try a variety of method and remember to take lots of breaks. And finally, good luck.