After a flurry of cancelled games, AFC Wimbledon U12 girls had to play a double header against league leaders Meadow Sports girls. With form having dropped below their usual standard in the past few weeks the Dons were looking to find their form again. A tame attacking effort from both sides meant the game lacked action and the goal that put Meadow Sports ahead came after goalkeeper, Lucy, went to control a long ball that had come towards the goal. As she went to control the ball it went through her legs and into her goal.

AFC Wimbledon U12 girls lined up with Lucy in goal. A backline of Lina, Yzzy and Evie were behind Gina and Jess in midfield. Francesca, Carmen and Scarlett led the front line. The bench consisted of Ashlee, Hanna and Hollie.

Meadow Sports came out for the first half with an overwhelming physical edge over the Dons. Straight from the start they controlled possession and won two early corners. A confident Wimbledon team were immediately put in their place and it meant that they were going to have to work for a result.a

The first chance for AFC Wimbledon came from Francesca. She has made a fantastic impact since signing from the AFC Wimbledon U12 yellows in the January transfer window. A ball through by Carmen allowed her to use her pace to get past the defender and hit a powerful shot goal bound and forced a save from the keeper. She was involved again almost instantly as she recovered the ball and skilfully did a roulette around her defender. Unluckily, her ball through to Scarlett was intercepted by a Meadow Sports defender.

Meadow Sports first challenged Lucy in goal with a long shot that was easily saved over the bar.

Scarlett did well to retrieve the ball from Francesca’s cross. Her shot went just wide and showed Meadow Sports that the Dons had an attacking threat when they could get in front of goal.

Scarlett was involved again when she won the ball back from the opposition goal kick. An ambitious, lofted shot to dink the goalkeeper was just caught and the referee blew for half time.

Hanna, Hollie and Ashlee replaced Carmen, Scarlett and Gina during Half time.

Some good build up play by Ashlee allowed her to find a pass to Hollie who was unmarked and running down the left wing. Hollie got the ball and charged into the box, her shot curled round towards the post and wide of the goal.

Both teams struggled to break each other down with Wimbledon providing no real attacking threat for the rest of the game. As a long ball was hit towards the goal, Lucy went to control it with her foot but the ball bounced through her legs and went into the goal. A 1-0 advantage to the opposition and a wake-up call for the young Dons.

The referee blew the final whistle and the girls prepared for their second game of the day.