My garden

In a city as big as London full of pollution, traffic and buildings, it is beautiful finding yourself in the open air in the middle of nature. An allotment garden, often called the "garden of the Community", is a piece of land made available for individual gardening. which allows you to grow vegetables such as fruit and vegetables, it is managed by the local council. When I can I often go to help my mother with her garden, she is very proud of her hard work but at the same time she finds it as a hobby, something that frees her mind and makes her relax. I like to see the magic of nature as from a tiny spike seed comes to a plant and then gives the fruit, it gives so much satisfaction after all the work you put into it. My favorite time is in summer and spring, when the flowers bloom when all the vegetables and fruit are finally ripe after a while. I especially like taking pictures of flowers and fruit just like the one up, I like it when I get together with my family to make a barbeque and I like to draw while i am listening to music and eating strawberries. But the best quality of all is that it doesn't cost much and that you know the food you eat is organic and you know that no product has been used to makes it grow faster and bigger in a few words is that it is quality food. So I recommend to all this beautiful experience.