The London suburb of Kew is probably best known for the Royal Botanic Gardens, with its collection of thousands of species of beautiful trees and exotic plants. But it is also home to the National Archives, which hold file upon file of original documents cataloguing our nation’s history, some of which date back to Medieval times.

This Spring, both of these venues are attempting to attract visitors with new and exciting events, so if you live in the area, do look out for them and tick them off your list!

Starting from 13 April, Kew Gardens is hosting a collection of luminous glass artworks sculpted by American artist, Dale Chihuly. Some of these pieces have never been seen before in the UK and can be found dotted around the Botanic Gardens, with some found inside glasshouses or outdoor gallery areas. On show will be some of his iconic seaform sculptures, and his ‘vibrant blue masterpiece’, the Sapphire Star. These installations will be illuminated for evening visits, and young children are able to enjoy a trail leading them to the best works on show.

Just a 14 minute walk from the Botanic Gardens are the National Archives, where currently there is an exhibition entitled ‘Britain’s Cold War Revealed’. This exhibition, that is lasting for seven months, offers an in-depth view of life in Britain during the Cold War. A variety of different events, including a series of talks and film screenings, will help inform visitors about life under the threat of a possible nuclear attack. Family-friendly creative workshops and activities will help to explain the position of Britain during the Cold War to younger generations.

So if you find yourself in Kew this Spring with some time to spare then head down to the Gardens or the Archives to experience these fascinating exhibits.