At 3pm on Tuesday April 23rd, a boy (who is to be 17 years of age) was brutally stabbed in in Camomile Way, West Drayton, Hillingdon, London.

The injured boy was taken into Hillingdon Hospital by airlift, whilst undercover police, police cars and paramedics closed off the roads. Residents reporting police cars appearing to be driving “frantically around Violet Avenue”

However, at of current, the injuries caused by the stabbings appear to be non-life threatening but there is 3 people that have been connected to the stabbings.

Residents of the suburban town are appeared to be not so shocked and have had views of safety of the area as it appears that the area itself does appear to have such events happen often. One woman appeared to be saying that there’s a lot of “drug dealing” and “fights” according to the report made by MyLondon.

This appears to be true as according to GetWestLondon (now My London), West Drayton appears to be the 3rd most dangerous areas to live in Hillingdon as this is often connected to anti-social behaviours, which alone brought home 59 cases in 2018.

This doesn’t change the fact that over 20 of crimes this year alone in London were caused by knife crime alone, with many victims between the ages of 14 to people being over 30’s being affected by such tragedies with over 185 alone in 2018, making London the largest area for knife crime.