On the 13th April 2019 Escape Studios had an open day for all students interested in studying computer animation, visuals effects and video games art. Escape studios is a part of Pearson college in London and has been offering courses for over 15 years and has had many successful alumni. The day took place in their campus located in Holborn. It started with demonstrations of work created by their students and they really showed off with their best work. They also gave access to their green room and the equipment they use and showed people around the campus. The day was full of talks about the different courses they offer and what each course includes. There were also industry talks with employees of certain film companies based in London and talks with past students. Escape studios had shown a promising capability and confidence in their courses and what they can succeed in accomplishing. Their courses are created with industry help and are all designed to perfect a person’s skill set in their chosen course. Escape studios has not been around as long as other universities and course providers however they are confident in their capability of teaching their students what they must know to reach the industry. Their aim is to become a major provider of degrees and an entrance to the creative industries which is major industry in London.