Students are forced to participate in full time education for up to 15 years until we finally get a choice whether we want to attend university or not. This may be a very difficult decision to make especially with all the different opinions about university and its usefulness. Many people find this decision daunting and difficult to make but it’s not as difficult as it seems. Attending university has positive and negative aspects and always depends on what the student is looking for.

Attending University may look difficult, but many students believe it’s worth it because you receive a degree. Having a degree is extremely useful when looking for a major job and is a huge factor when it comes to being picked for many jobs. A degree gives students a huge advantage when looking for employment and most employers prefer employees with degrees. University also gives people unique experiences and many life lessons. Going university most likely means living away from home which really teaches you how normal life is like and prepares you for the future. Also, you get to meet many new people and it allows you to develop as a person. Billy Nye a master’s student from University of Wolverhampton says that he “made life long relationships and had a great time”. University has many advantages and can really help students find a career path and develop their social skills while learning and earning a degree.

However, there are some negative aspects such as the massive debt. Students must pay about nine thousand every single year just to study and attend a university. Many students struggle to repay the debt and it takes some students many years to finally repay all of it. People may see this as a disadvantage when starting their careers and a massive setback when it comes to further education. Apart from the endless debt some people say it’s just not worth the struggle. Many people finish university and still struggle to find employment after, due to the lack of needed experience you could receive from apprenticeships and other programs which are free or cheaper. Many students go to university every year and people with degrees have become very common which just makes us wonder if it’s really that special?

University is a great choice after finishing sixth form or college, which has many advantages and disadvantages. However, at the end of the day it all depends what career path your following and how much you value a degree and certain experiences.