The Southbank Underbelly Festival has returned for the summer season of 2019. Running from April until late September, it is packed with a variety of evening events each week, ranging from theatre productions and comedy shows to podcasts. The gorgeous outside area is decorated with flowers, fairy lights and benches where people are able to eat and drink from the choice of stalls surrounding it. With the clear view of the London Eye and the River Thames close by, the summer atmosphere is definitely alive!

On Saturday the 21st April, the Improvised Musical provided by Notflix (a production company) occurred in the theatre section of the festival. While being asked to write down the last film they watched with a brief plot summary, the audience queued into the small, temporary theatre. The all-female cast introduced themselves and pulled out one of the slips of paper from a bucket. The picked-out film for this particular performance happened to be Clueless. A member of the audience was then asked for a setting and positive message from the movie.

From these key features, the cast were able to improvise a play based around them, including both a storyline and songs. It was wonderfully performed and the improvisation also made it extremely funny to watch. It certainly left the audience wondering how they managed to pull this off due to the extent of pressure they would have felt having to improvise every aspect of the performance. Overall, the cast were incredible and despite it being busy, the atmosphere of the outside was also extremely fun, particularly due to the hot weather.