Year 11s at Debden Park High School take part in school’s annual revision event.

On Tuesday 2nd April, students and staff alike engrossed themselves in fun revision activities for their GCSEs. The day was packed full of key information and necessities that students need to know for the gruelling demand of exams in May and June.

The event began at 1:30PM, where a brief ten minute assembly was held outlining the day. After that, students received their own personalised timetables, where they had to attend a fifteen minute session of a particular subject. The subjects were often tailored to the students’ particular needs and weaknesses, such as according to how high or low the grades they had attained in their mocks (and general data) were.

The idea of the day was to immerse and indulge students in the subjects they are taking, through innovative and creative activities. The school ensured that the day was not designed to be intense, and rather, a smooth day of absorbing the core bits of information from their subjects.

Perhaps a particular highlight of the day was the English department’s ‘The Million Pound Drop’ style game on An Inspector Calls.

However it was not just all revision; students and staff enjoyed a much anticipated half an hour pizza break in the canteen between 4:30PM and 5PM!

The successful day culminated in students receiving their own personalised folders, filled with revision resources that they needed over the Easter break (and beyond) to ensure they are to be successful in the summer. Students also got a crème egg and a highlighter in their folders!