On the 23rd March, Central London was teeming with placards, posters, banners, signs and last of all people; with the same message.

A second say on Brexit

Now, dear reader, I am fully aware of how sick and tired you must be of hearing upon the matter. So I will not discuss any opinions on the matter, rather I will discuss the march and my opinions on that.

The march was run and organized by the people's vote - but the sheer influx of attendees quickly surpassed the intended amount, resulting in people straying from the intended route and getting lost, any previous organisation of the march falling apart.

I participated in the march with my best friend (shoutout Perra) and I can personally attest to the fact that there was around one million people roaming around for the cause. This of course as I previously mentioned led to mass disarray and most attendees never actually reaching the main destination point - Parliament Square.

Including us.

In addition to this, the massive turn out-led to many delays and slow movement. These shortcomings, however were made up for by the frequent, string of amusing chants. My favourite however is the forever, charming; “Let's flog Jacob Rees-Mogg” coined by Perra.

All in all it was a memorable event, it was quite heartwarming for all of us to come together in a community spirit ( in such a massive city such as London) to support the same cause and it really sends a message to our government. Let the people have their say.