Whatever stage you are at in your academia these things written below will be useful to consider. The more people who put themselves out there to tackle the stress of exams the better. Also, exams are just a consolidation of what you remember at the time. It is a small percentage of your life but nothing worth doing is ever easy. As all things are there for a reason. There can be days when you are lazy but don’t keep this frequent that it will affect your studies.

Ways to tackle/feel the fear and do your homework anyway tips:

Don’t dwell on how much work you need to do, why not you spend a day like during your holidays focusing on homework for a subject/topic and get it completed, by the end of your holiday each homework will be done at a high standard.

Wake up early, perhaps 30mins to an hour over the time you will wake up for school or just keep to the time you wake up on a day to day basis. This will get you to do a lot during the day as you’ve done most of it in the morning, it refreshes you, you are more active and alert and it is quiet and peaceful allowing you to concentrate. This tip can also be useful for your revision.

There are 6 ways to consider before and while revising:

  1. Organise your time—create an ‘I really want to do timetable’ where you first write a to-do list of all the work you need to complete then creating a timetable off of it. Bearing in mind this timetable is a table of what you really want to do during your time. And follow it.

2. Understand the content—read everything in detail, e.g. Search definitions of words you don’t know/understand

3. Organise the content—take notes 

4. Learn to remember from memory—recall notes with the help of others and no books then look back at your books to see any points you have missed

5. Make reminder and prompts—find ways to recall before exams 

6. Test application of content—find different ways may be asked to test if you know the content

The meaning of an organ includes 'having a specific vital function.' As you need to organ-ise your time and content, therefore needing a specific vital way to go about your time and content. Also, take necessary breaks, when you feel you can’t start a piece of work/revision do something totally different which is not school related. Sometimes this may happen but don’t leave everything especially your homework to last minute, don’t make it frequent.