Just a few months ago we endured the harsh cold of Winter and the inconvenience of snow showers but now Spring has officially arrived. Evidence of spring's arrival can be seen with the longer hours of light during the day and the milder temperatures. It is no longer dark when you wake up in the morning ready to travel to work or school and it is not just as dark anymore on the commute back home.

The Met Office says that the meteorological start of Spring was the on the 1st of March but the astronomical start was on the 20th of March. No matter when the official beginning is, Spring is well and truly working its magic with beautiful flower buds appearing, leaves gradually returning to their trees and birds singing sweetly throughout the day. For us Spring's arrival is something to be cherished as it marks the end of the brutal Winter.

However the seasons are ever-changing as nature goes through its continuous cycle. As perfectly said by Roman poet Horace in his poem 'Spring and Thoughts of Mortality': "frigora mitescunt Zephyris, ver proterit aestas interitura simul pomifer autumnus fruges effuderit, et mox bruma recurrit iners." which roughly translates to "The cold is lessened by the West wind, summer tramples on spring only to perish as soon as fruitful autumn pours out its produce and soon lifeless winter returns." This Roman poetry reminds us to enjoy the weather and the current season as soon another one will come along before we even realise it. Therefore everyone should go outside and cherish the beautiful weather that we have had the pleasure of recently as soon summer, the season of days at the beach, barbeques and much more will arrive!