The Henrietta Barnett School’s Drama Department put on a production of the ‘Grimm Tales’ by Carol Ann Duffey and Tim Supple that showcased on two evenings with an impressive turnout in the audience.

It lasted around two hours with a short interval in between for time to get refreshments and be ready for Act 2. The tales incorporated into the production included: 'Snow White', 'Brother Scamp', 'The Hare and The Hedgehog', 'The Golden Goose', 'Musicians of Bremen', 'Rumplestiltskin', 'The Magic Table, The Donkey and The Cudgel in the Sack', 'Iron Hans' and 'The Lady and The Lion'.

Having seen the production on the debut night I found it to be very engaging and an interesting piece of theatre with subtle hints of comedy incorporated throughout. The cast varied from inquisitive pupils from as young as Year 8 to aspiring GCSE Drama students in Year 10; the backstage teams also included Year 11s and Year 12s who willingly aided with the production. The use of costume and props made the production even more vivid and had the audience wanting more. In the audience were proud parents, encouraging faculty members and of course fellow supportive students like myself. In my humble opinion the production was something to be proud of and all those who were in it and helped out should have been very pleased with themselves!