I am a feminist. Now before, people calling me names. I would like to explain the definition of feminism. Feminism means the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes. This doesn’t mean we want to be better than men. We want to be equal. It’s like climbing a tree, Men are at the top enjoying the view, Women with a brick tied to our legs are trying to get to the top.

I am a feminist because women are blamed for any rape or sexual assault. Despite the numerous times, it wasn’t just the short skirt, since women in burkas and women who can’t even talk yet also feel this trauma. We are victims, not the cause. The fact men protests against women getting abortions, despite the fact that some don’t step up to be a father and none of them known the physical, mental and emotional pain of having a child, you can’t take care of, or can’t love due to the baby being forced upon by rape. The fact that some people don’t see the point of marches and rallies as it’s attention seeking, even though these marches and rallies are the reason women can vote. The fact that the “pay gap” is a myth despite the many facts that prove that is alive and well.

Right now, in USA, they are still debating whether to allow women to choose to have an abortion, which in short is a question on whether we should have rights to our own body. The fact that right now, many people boycott a razor due to it promoting that men should be better, meaning men should be allowed to cry, gentle and to be whatever they want, as well as be better men to women. This is a problem and the solution is to fight back against gender norms and lift each other up.

Men, we don’t hate you.

Just be better so we can both look at the view on top of the tree.