It is that time of year again. The time of year when new members are appointed to be a part of the Leadership team!

In Gumley House School, the leadership team is extremely important. They are role models who provide guidance and assist their peers accordingly. They are dedicated, hardworking individuals who do not mind sacrificing some of their own time to if, it means improving their school in any way they can; they are also treated with the upmost respect from faculty and all students.

Due to this, the vast amount of applications are not at all surprising as everyone wants to be a part of something bigger than themselves; something that continually benefits and helps everyone attending Gumley House School. In addition to that, being a part of Gumley’s leadership team looks amazing on UCAS applications and will help students seem more invested into their school – this is very appealing to universities. The available posts are: • Head Girl/ Boy • Deputy Head Girl/ Boy • School Council • Head of Sports • Head of Liturgy • Student Head of Sixth Form • Head of House (MRT) (CFJ) With the deadline date fast approaching, last minute applications are hastily submitted as eager students wait expectantly to see if they made the shortlist. The lucky students, who make the shortlist, are expected to produce a 2-3 minute speech highlighting why they are suitable for their desired role. Once all candidates have delivered their speeches, the Senior Leadership Team (staff members) will finally choose the candidate they believe is the most suitable for each aforementioned role.

Sixth Form Head, Mr. Chan says ‘The leadership is important as it provides students with a voice. With one of their peers on the leadership team, students feel as though they represented accurately.’ Mr. Chan urges students to apply and let their voices be heard.