Captain marvel brings all the nostalgia of the 90s through the setting and props but the true memories of the 90s are shown through the reviews and comments surrounding the film.

Captain marvel the latest installment from marvel and disney was released on the 8th of march 2019, it brings with it a significant movement as the first female lead film of the franchise. The films stirred controversy long before it initial release with avid ‘fans’ of the franchise complaining about the new female character, despite her already established place in the universe through the comics.Many of these trolls took to social media to announce their ‘disgust’ and ‘hate’  for the both the character and the actress, Brie Larson. Brie Larson an open feminist in life but is specifically on twitter, this resulted in many of the users believing she is a ‘man hater’. However many of these twitter accounts spend a lot of time chasing down celebrities to hate on them and unfortunately Brie became victim to this.

The film is a well developed story that allows for captain marvel to be introduced to the universe she is everything that we expected strong independent and not willing to give into men when she has a belief. It was refreshing to meet a character who we know little about and follow her on a journey as we are constantly being given marvel sequels. There was so many unexpected happenings but it all felt fresh and was intertwined so well with this background journey of Captain Marvels and Nick Fury's relationship in regards to Avengers: Endgame.

The film did struggle with its 90s nostalgia that it is trying to integrate within the film as it got lost after the Blockbuster and Pager it could have been without it but its use of showing this si before avengers is done well.

Captain Marvel is definitely worth the watch as I believe it is one of the best Marvel movies.