The use of technology and social media makes day to day life easier as they both play a big role in our everyday lives. Technology has improved our lives in an unimaginable way like online shopping as everything can be done through a small device, we all own. Technology is also improving at a rapid speed as new better improved versions are coming out which attracts people to buy them as they want to keep up with the latest trends.  

Social media helps us keep up to date with those latest trends. We also use social media to help us communicate with people from different countries without us having to leave our house. This has led to a change in the way we communicate with others as we spend most of our times scrolling through our feed than going out and socializing. This has become addictive as research shows that 67 percent of people say they continuously check their devices even without and alert. This shows how fixated people have become to their phones; this could be because they want to keep up with the latest news and make sure they’re not missing out on anything. 

This, however, has a bad impact on people's lives as such a small device seems to change the things people do and the way they act. Although smart devices have brought the power of information to everyone's fingertips, they have also bought negative effects with them such as the rise in car accidents because of distractions like phones. Also, in 2017, 95 percent of respondents aged between 16 and 24 reported owning a smart phone. This shows that compared to the late 2000s numbers of phone owners started to become much more wide spread. Also, according to “Daily News” 84 percent of people worldwide say they couldn’t go a single day without their mobile device. This shows people are more obsessed with what is going on in other people's lives than their own.  

People should learn how to manage their time effectively as what is shown in social media is not always true, for example, ideal beauty. It should be emphasized that whatever picture is posted online has gone through some procedure to look like it does.