On Wednesday 13th February, I had the opportunity to visit St. Johns collage in oxford with nine of my peers. It truly was a memorable experience.

The day stated with an introductory presentation about oxford, including the courses offered and which is most and least popular. The information about the length of the terms, holidays and statistics to do with the current students that go there were also given, and we had the opportunity of meeting students who study at oxford, one of which who went to my school. Financial aid and student loans were also mentioned, which helped me understand how to deal with them in the future.

The current students talked to us about their differing experiences, which really helped as their courses were extremely different, one being science and another being music. We also got the opportunity to ask about their experiences applying to oxford, and the process itself. This was also extremely helpful. The session was also very interactive as we got to learn about common myths, and the percentage chance of applying and getting in to a chosen course.

Afterwards we got to tour the campus, looking at the first- and third-year accommodations offer. Our tour guides informed us about the financial side of the accommodations and made us aware of different avenues you can explore it you preferred not to live on site.

Finally, we got to visit the museum under oxford, and we got to learn about and get to hold pieces in the museum. We learnt about objects that were donated for the university especially for study and how these objects are used with degrees that are offered, like history. It was a fascinating experience.

Overall, I really enjoyed my trip to oxford as it has really opened the prospect of me being able to go one day. It has also given me the experience of seeing a collage under oxford, which was an something am very proud to have the honour to be a part of.