Within the modern political climate, schools are attempting to encourage students to be more politically active in the community because the desire for change is becoming more evident. 

One student at Harrow's Hatch End High School stated, "As a young person, I feel like I'm not listened to. People think that we don't understand politics at a young age but we're just as capable." It is true that with the rise of social media, once complex and elitist topics are now accessible to anyone in a matter of seconds via online media platforms like YouTube.

Hatch End High school has begun to partner with Citizens UK - an organisation that guides students in being more politically active in their community. It puts together opportunities for institutions to join and bring about change in the form of rallies, meetings and training opportunities. The students will have time in lesson to discuss issues within the community that they feel most passionately about. A record will be kept of the most popular issues so that the school can begin to choose one and make real community change. A teacher commented, "Part of the concept of Citizens UK is power in numbers. If enough students feel strong enough about an issue, they can make real changes. The school as an institution has lots of contacts."
One student has also organised a political reading club in which they bring students together from different ages and backgrounds to discuss political issues, often from a left leaning point of view. They claim that "This has given young people an opportunity to express their views," and that "the opinions are surprisingly left leaning at times."

In the club discussions include: racism, ableism, climate change and Brexit. This provides students a place where they have the opportunity and freedom to talk about issues, work out their stance and decide what they can do to make lasting change.

Politicians are regularly utilising social media as a way to influence wider audiences such as Donald Trump's use of Twitter. The merging of politics with the online world has perhaps made it "trendy" to be interested in the subject and understand what is happening in the world. Therefore, schools are starting to acknowledge this and are heading in the right direction towards providing young people with the resources that they need to get involved with politics.