On the 28th of March, my friend and I, along with a group of both music and dance students were given the exciting opportunity of seeing Romeo and Juliet at the Royal Opera House. The show consisted of three acts; with each one displaying fantastic dancers and a captivating live orchestra in order to complete Shakespeare's remarkable play. Juliet was played by Anna Rose O’Sullivan and Romeo was played by Marcelino Sambe. There is no doubt that the cast as a whole performed a show which the students who attended will never forget. For me, personally, it was my first time of visiting the Royal Opera House at Covent Garden and this show certainly made a lasting impression on me. The skills demonstrated by all of the dancers and all of the long hours of hard work which must have gone on behind the scenes!

Furthermore, the live orchestra brought all of the scenes together, giving the show show a great amount of captivating music and sounds, enabling the audience to get an idea of the moods and feelings within a particular given scene. I appreciate and love the performing arts as a musician myself. However, being given an amazing opportunity, such as this, to watch this live show has enabled me to further extend and grow my love which I have towards the arts. One certainly does not truly experience the beauty which comes from the arts until they are given the opportunity to witness it live, and I am so forever grateful to have been given such an opportunity. The director of the show was Kevin O’Hare and the choreography was arranged by Kenneth Macmillan. The music had been beautifully arranged by Sergey Prokofiev, the designer was Nicholas Georgiadis, the lighting designer was John B. Read, the staging was prepared by both Julie Lincoln and Christopher Saunders and the conductor was Koen Kessels.

There is absolutely no doubt that an immense amount of hard work and support has been contributed in order to make this show a reality. We thank the Royal Opera House, the director, the cast and many other individuals for putting this spectacular show together and hope for more future opportunities to see a show as amazing as this one!