On the 26th of March, my school and I attended the UCAS exhibition to learn more about universities and higher education.

The UCAS exhibition aimed to enlighten students about the vast amount of academic and career opportunities available. Universities and Colleges from all over the country were present, and even the British Army had a stand offering students advice.

We arrived at the Centre in the afternoon and registered our tickets at the front of the convention. It was apparent from the beginning it would be a very busy and eventful exhibition as there were numerous stands and schools present at the site. Initially, my friends and I walked around the stands to just gain an understanding of the atmosphere and recognise the different aspects of each of the universities. By doing this, I was able to attend university stands I would not have gone to otherwise such as The London Institute of Banking and Finance.

I then decided to visit each of the universities I was interested in applying to, which allowed me to ask them any questions I had. This was particularly helpful for me as it meant I could have a one-on-one conversation with academic specialists directly representing the universities. For a long time now, I have been quite interested in pursuing Law as a degree and this exhibition has now consolidated my decision. Attending the different universities and asking them questions regarding my future instilled a sense of confidence and greater understanding within me, therefore the event was very useful.

I asked another prospective law student, Kaylin, about her experience at the UCAS exhibition to which she replied: ‘It was very useful in finding out about different universities and the opportunities each of them can bring’.

Thus, I would highly recommend going to UCAS exhibitions or any other university conventions as they broaden your knowledge about higher education and introduce careers you may not have heard of!