On Friday the 15th of February, there was a strike in which school children worldwide took to the streets to protest climate change. Many world leaders and members of governments looked down on these children, mocking them for the futility of their marches. That is exactly why we march again on March 15th. They need to understand that we’re marching out of a need, not a want.

Education is very important, and it is a right for every student in the UK to have it provided at no charge from the ages of four to eighteen. Many people will refer to these students as entitled, bratty, or lazy for giving up a full day of school a month - but we don’t want to miss school. We have to give up our education to fight for the future of the planet we are destroying.

If we don’t do something now, by around 2030 our planet could be in an irreversible, irreparable, unforgivable state of dying that we can’t fix by any means. I am 16. By then, I will be 27, about a third of the way through my life. The people who don’t care about the climate are the ones that won’t be here to see the decimation. In the wake of “anti-vaxxers”, agricultural extremes, and renewable energy being swept away as unobtainable, us humans will be left to struggle with the remains of the human empire that was built.

Miseducation is dangerous.

The children are forced to grow up too soon and fight for a future they are having taken away from them. The “grown-ups” have become complicit with the plight for wealth under corporate greed.

Three generations down the line, where will we, as humans, be? Underwater? Swimming in our nuclear waste? We have the resources to do better. We have access to the alternatives but it doesn’t matter if we can’t overcome the corporate greed that infests all motivations of man.

Do better

Fight harder

Parliament Square, 11 am, March 15th.