Debden Park High School are taking it up a notch in preparing Year 11s for their GCSE exams in May and June.

There are just over 9 weeks until Year 11s across the country begin their set of GCSEs in the summer; the ultimate culmination of their 16 years’ education in school. 9 weeks may sound like a long time, but knowing that that translates to just 65 days, it is no wonder that students across the country are hounding in with their revision. Having said this, many students have already completed exams for subjects such as the Expressive Arts and coursework for subjects like Creative iMedia.

Debden Park High School work their hardest to ensure that students are in the right mindset for the demanding summer ahead. On the 14th March, Year 11s are expected to attend school (on a consultation day for Year 8s and 9s) for a bespoke Science Conference. The students will be provided with a motivational revision day, consisting of high-quality advice, interactive sessions and will be guided through how to respond to exam questions that will ensure them the highest marks.

In addition to this day, Debden Park will be hosting their annual ‘Rev It Up event’ on Tuesday 02nd April. This is an important day in the school’s calendar where students go to different revision based sessions for a variety of subjects, which are fun, challenging and exciting. This year, the event runs from 2:30PM – 7PM, and all Year 11s are required to attend.