International women’s day International women’s day is celebrated on the 8 th of March every year .It is a historic day that symbolises women’s rights and freedoms, in society. There are many amazing and talented women who have done soo many inspiring acts such as malala yousuf who still continues to be an inspiration to many. Her tragic story and journey for the right of education has been recognised and been rewarded. Her belief of having an education and that we as women have the power and knowledge to fight the system, inspires people around the world.wommen since the 1900s have overcome most of the stereotypical beliefs of women’s role in society and equality. We owe it to those before us who have managed to create a society where in fact women can do any job a man can do .international women’s day celebrates these historic achievements and is dedicated to remembering those who have suffered for our benefits. However there have been greater representatives in women presented in the 21 st century than before and is more diverse and challenges stereotypical belifs.women globally have been able to achieve amazing things ,they wouldn’t have been allowed to do before like being an astronaut,going into politics etc..This proves that when women are given opportunities they do admirable things like Michelle Obama who was the first lady of America and sally ride the first American astronaut. The world’s attitudes are changing towards women for the better!