March has come, meaning International Women’s Month has arrived - a month we can, not only celebrate the achievements made by our female predecessors, but also bring awareness to the problems women currently face globally. While we are on the path for gender equality, we are still very, very far from the end.

There are so many ways one can celebrate this month, such as recounting stories of the many great women in history and in our lives who have advanced our societies and given us the opportunities they didn’t have. This may be through reading and recommending feminist literature or powerpoint presentations held by form tutors - conversation is crucial.

As mentioned before, we have come far but there is so much left to go with issues including the wage gap, the lack of education for girls and even more extreme cases like human trafficking, child marriage. There are many organisations within the UK however, that help fight against gender inequality, such as the “Fawcett Society” who fight for women’s rights at work, home and in public; “Women for Women” who help women affected by war and conflict; the “Helen Bamber Foundation” who help asylum seekers and refugees who have sustained extreme violence recover. With so many charities, we have so many we could support for not only this month, but all year round.