Most people spend between seventeen and nineteen  years in education, with some opting to not go to sixth form or college. Throughout these years children and teenagers are taught all the things that they would be required to know in a workplace situation. Despite the influx of information children are being given, is it the best quality and equal?

Students get very little say in what they are taught, so have to trust and rely on the education system they are in. Depiste this reliance on the education system and those in control of it , the curriculum especially in English and Philosophy does not allow for a variety of scholars and writers to be presented to students. Within english we have always been encouraged that shakespeare is an icon that students should aspire to be like but he is a white male so only a small portion of students can relate to him and his situation. Within an entire two year English A Level five books are given to students and out of those five, you've probably already guessed it all five are written by men. So regarding the initial question the education system is verging on sexist, this isn't to say that there isn't subjects that have female scholars but they are predominantly male based.

We should be finding ways for minorities to become less taboo and hidden away, the main way that we can incorporate this into the world  is by adding it to our education system to allow children an insight into varied text letting them see different people they can aspire to be like. Women, people of different races and LGBQT+ people should be in our education system these are very simple things for 2019. Students can engage with something that doesn't allow them to relate when we only offer texts produced by white males we are cutting off the connection and their knowledge and work will suffer. By having these different impressive people placed into the education system we can break down the barriers of girls having to hunt to find role models.