As the term for this year's Head Student Team a DGGS comes to a close, the focus is now on electing their successors, a highly esteemed event which involves the whole student body.

After the first round of eliminations were made by the school head teacher, Mrs Pritchard. An assembly was held, portraying the seven candidates which had made it through. All but one of the candidates entering  their seventh year at the school. In addition to this, the ethnically diverse selected students were all female, a first after many previous years of the voting consisting of a Head Boy and a Head Girl.

Another change in the voting this year is the school's new paperless system. After introducing the club Global Goals, which focuses on the many environmental issues that our society is currently facing, and actively finding ways to tackle them. One of these being the excessive use of paper in our school, pushing for online homework and quizzes instead of worksheets.

Previously voting for Head Student would mean bringing (or more likely sharing) a pen in order to cross the box for your desired candidate. This would then be collected after the assembly and the long and rather tedious task of counting all of the votes would begin. With this new system, the results are instantly calculated with minimal effort. This would easily provide the staff with a clear indication of the student body's preferred Head Student.

After attending the assembly I am proud to say that the candidates this year and next to none; each focusing on a specific topic which they were passionate about. It was clear that they had done their research thoroughly as the frequently complaints were brought up as every one of their focuses. All of the candidates performed excellently, radiating the necessary confidence for the role. It will be very difficult figuring out who to vote for, and I'm sure I'm not alone.

Congratulations to all the candidates and I look forward to receiving the results.