On Saturday 2nd March, Team Mercury from the Henrietta Barnett School participated in a trade fair at The Spires Shopping Centre. Team Mercury of Young Enterprise, and the business sold its products at the fair.

Primarily, the product that was sold was the heat-up coaster. The heat-up coaster was completely designed and manufactured by Team Mercury’s members. The coaster contains a heating element which subsequently heats a metal plate. Subsequently, when a hot beverage is placed on the coaster, its temperature is maintained for a prolonged period of time (one hour). Moreover, the coaster has a USB cable which can be connected to power source such as a laptop or a portable charger, in order for it to operate.

As well as this, Mercury sold their subsidiary products. This includes their photo coasters which function as coasters as well as photo frames. Furthermore, a myriad of different key ring were sold. For instance, flamingo, elephant, cactus, key, turtle and tree key ring designs were for sale. All these products were created by the Team, and served as intermediary products, whilst the primary product (the heat-up coaster) was being developed and perfected.

The Trade Fair was vibrant and lively, as the salespeople interacted with the customers whilst live music was being played. Overall, it was a successful fair as over half of the stock was sold. Moreover, many people expressed an interest in the product and were certainly intrigued by its originality.

Team Mercury also attended another successful Trade Fair on Sunday 3rd March at The Pavilions, Uxbridge. There will be more selling opportunities in the near future, such as on Mother’s Day (Sunday 31st March) at Brent Cross Shopping Centre. Additionally, the products will be available on YE Marketplace. Team Mercury are keenly anticipating the forthcoming selling opportunities.