The first season of Umbrella Academy brings you ten, hour long episodes of seven children who were adopted by a rich, eccentric billionaire called Sir Reginald Hargreeves. These children along with thirty-six others were born under the most unusual circumstances on the same day in 1983 where their mothers were not pregnant when the day began. It was quickly discovered they all had superpowers and raised them not just as siblings but as a super-team, designed to save the world.

The children were named them through numbers which ranked their individual usefulness. This is enough to tell you about their childhood devoid of anything childlike. Perhaps as a result of the deprived upbringing each of the children grew up with their own specific baggage from years of being treated like tools rather than kids and soon fallout with each other and end up on living all sorts of life. The last plan by the father was to reunite them over his death in attempt to survive the world from an imminent apocalypse.

Number One, Luther played by Tom Hopper was gifted with super strength and an affinity with leadership and believed to be the favourite child however upon discoveries he made after his father died Luther struggles over believing he wasn’t a good enough Number One. Number Two, Diego played by David Castañeda is a hot-headed knife-thrower with impeccable aim who has fully embraced life as a violent vigilante. He has an intense rivalry with Luther because he believes that he should have been chosen as the leader of his family instead.

Number Three, Allison played by Emmy Raver-Lampman, can alter reality and influence people with her words. She was a formerly world-famous actress who has traded in the spotlight for a quiet life, she has also sworn off using her superpower after her dependence on it costed her, her marriage and the custody of her daughter. Number 4, Klaus played by Robert Sheehan can communicate with the dead. He’s a lovable drug addict with a flair for melodrama, stumbling along without much direction until he's dragged into saving the world. His hard-partying ways belie a tragic past and a profound loss that he rarely talks about.

Number 5 who is simply know as just that is played by Aidan Gallagher. At the age of 12, he defied Sir Reginald Hargreeves, and used his time-travel abilities to leap into the future. There, he found himself alone in a post-apocalyptic landscape, where he lived for decades, ageing normally. He eventually becomes an operative for the Temps Aeternalis, a sort of time police.When he returned to the present day, at Sir Reginald Hargreeves funeral he became permanently stuck in his 10-year-old body despite being mentally in his 60s. His powers make him a deadly assassin, and a crucial source of information about the impending apocalypse.

Number 6, Ben played by Justin H. Min at some point died. All we know about him is that he was able to release mysterious monsters from his body that can attack his enemies. Number Seven, Vanya played by Ellen Page isn’t really on the team at all, because she doesn’t have any powers. Vanya harbours a lot of resentment toward her father and her estranged siblings, along with deep feelings of worthlessness for lacking the powers that they have. Her one outlet is in her extraordinary skill as a violinist, although as the season progresses, with some well calculated help she discovers her untapped potential.