Why are we allowing ourselves to be controlled?

Let me ask you something. Have you ever felt annoyed or angry when a boy tells you not to play a certain sport? Have you ever felt annoyed when your parents tell you this job is for a girl not a boy? Let me tell you something you may not have noticed before, girls and women can’t do anything boys do in afghanistan however in England we are actually lucky enough to be able to do half of the things boys and men do. In afghanistan they can’t even become engineers or pilots because girls are continuously told that they should just stay home and leave everything else to the man of the house. No. we shouldn’t be told to stay home, we should be encouraged to also do the same responsibility as the man of the house. Why should we girls be any different from boys? Why should we divide ourselves from boys and tell ourselves that we aren’t the same as them?

Girls in afghanistan don’t succeed in getting their opinions and choices heard because they’re seen as insignificant people. You know how in England it’s easy to just talk to a boy and be friends right? Well in afghanistan girls can’t even look at a boy because everyone will assume that the girl likes the boy. Imagine you’re walking down a road with your parents and a boy walks past you, you make eye contact with the boy and give a genuine smile but you’re parents start questioning you and assume you now like the boy. Annoying right? Yeah. That’s what girls in afghanistan have to go through every single day of their lives.

Why do people find the pleasure in targeting us? Why are we not standing up for ourselves and telling the society, “No you’re not allowed to say this about us, no we’re not going to allow you to judge us however you like.” why are we not doing that? Let me ask you a question, why do we girls try to put other girls down? Why can’t we stand up for each other and support each other because we’re all going through the same thing right?

Even Though i’ve said the problems in Afghanistan this is also a universal problem for e.g in Saudi Arabia women weren’t allowed to drive however they changed that thankfully and gave women the right to drive. If we show society that we girls/women are as equal as boys/men then they’ll take us more serious and not underestimate us.

If you want girls and women to have the respect and rights they deserve then make a difference now rather than sitting back in the shadows and waiting for someone else because you never know there may be someone waiting for you to step forward to make that change.