The family-friendly karate club is based in Loughton, Essex and holds classes across the whole town. The club run after school clubs, evening and weekend classes from the ages of 5 to any age. Aside from its aim to encourage, the club also champions teachings of traditional karate alongside modern combat methods. The club practices the ‘wado ryu’ style of the sport, which is one of the most popular styles.

The karate club’s owner, Sensei Stephen O’Brien, says that he has spent his whole life studying martial arts. Having practiced three different styles of karate since his youth, he eventually settled for wado ryu. Sensei Stephen holds a black belt 4th dan in this style and teaches it six times a week across his various classes.

Prices to pay for classes are relatively cheap and cannot be beaten by local competitors.

In addition to his bespoke classes, Sensei Stephen runs online tutorials, in which he breaks down the routines, techniques and katas for each belt.  The tutorials go through the grading syllabus, which is ultimately needed by the member to make progress.

Loughton Karate Club is always looking for new members so all ages and abilities are welcome.

Free taster sessions are available for many schools and organisations. Anyone interested in knowing more, or wish for their child to join, should contact Sensei Stephen O’Brien on 07758 341 584. Alternatively, you can email