With 12 weeks until the first exams of GCSE’s, students are revising and attending subject interventions before they sit the upcoming exams in May and June. On a weekday, student spend time in the school library to use the amazing resources of revision material their school provides. The year 11 student have become zombies desiring enough sleep and time, as they stroll or crawl to the next class, you really get a sense for the amount of time they put in to achieve their potential grade which they will open on the 22nd August and to enroll into the dream sixth form, college or apprentice job of their fantasy. Many pupils are stressing out about the next couple of months but there is nothing to fear and you are prepared and ready, use this time to plan answers in English and revise equations in science and math. If there is one thing I have learnt is that when you are stressed, don’t bottle it up because it won’t end well. Do something you like, something to calm your nerves. The more you let the negativity in the harder it will be to stay above. You can do anything and if you’re stuck use the teachers around, the teachers who have supported you throughout your time in high school. This is what they are here for. Now, I want to wish everybody to have Good Luck and to always have a positive attitude in the next 12 weeks and beyond.