Fact: everybody, everywhere listens to music. It’s inevitable. With unlimited genres readily available to listen to whenever and wherever you are, it’s truly no wonder that music has become such a huge part of our daily lives.

Before, listening to music was limited to what was available to purchase in the record shop or what was playing on the radio. But gone are those days. In the heart of the digital generation, music is actively available to listen to on a variety of sources: The Internet; web players; music apps and even via download. Despite this, we haven’t lost touch with our previous ways as record shops and radios are still prominently used as musical resources (albeit by the older generations!) Listening to music has an abundance of advantages, both physically and mentally. Scientific studies have proven that music gives you energy whilst enduring a tough workout, providing you with that much needed burst of energy to complete your intensive regime. Not only this, but music is excellent (and actively encouraged to be used) at de-stressing yourself, whatever it is that has you worked up. School stress, home issues, complications in the work environment- music always has your back and will instantly make you feel more at peace. Music is also a major mood-booster, so it’s no wonder that millions of people listen to it every day!

Music is widely available, has a multitude of genres to listen to, and to top it all off, has proven health benefits. So, the question is, where can you listen?

The short answer: everywhere!

Home, work, the bus, the plane, the list is endless. Everyone enjoys the soothing sounds of music and because of this, music is often found playing in hectic shops too!

Moreover, music holds the power to unlock emotions you may never have experienced before. Upbeat, powerful songs provide you wings to uplift you and offer a euphoric feeling that you can conquer anything. Sad songs tug on your heartstrings so violently that they may reduce you to tears. The lyrics of a song provoke such an emotional response from people that it’s truly reminiscent of a spiritual awakening.

I urge you today to plug in your headphones, connect to your speaker, turn on the radio, anything: just to listen to the beautiful melody of music. Surely, you will discover that music is good for the soul.