On January 28 Alleyn’s School hosted the annual secondary school Spanish debating competition, which played host to fifteen schools all across London and ranging as far as Kent.

Topics had been disclosed two weeks prior to the event. These included the importance of feminist movements in today’s Spain, the argument that the human population should reconsider its rate of meat consumption, and whether or not technology can be seen as a threat to democracy. Each team arrived on the day prepared with facts and figures, doubtless motivated by the prize of a week long Spanish course in Salamanca, Spain. Competition was stiff, with each team having to win two successive matches to get past the group stage, each match involving two ninety-second presentations in which each member would present there initial arguments, and then proceed with the ‘lucha encarnizada,’ where debaters would lock horns in attempt to demonstrate the validity of their own arguments. The event included a number of high-energy affairs, with a particularly intense encounter occurring between King’s College, Wimbledon and King’s School, Canterbury, the latter eventually coming out on top. The final showdown took place between King’s School and Latymer Upper, this time with an unseen topic: ‘should the use of mobile phones be prohibited in schools?’ After ten minutes of research the teams were prepared, with Latymer the eventual winners. Overall, the event was a huge success in terms of competition, and the level of Spanish spoken was particularly impressive across all schools that took part.