I, along with a friend, run a club called Knit and natter at school. It was passed down to us from a teacher who left and we have kept it going strong. Knit and natter is a calming, fun club where students from all years come along to knit, chat and relax. I personally love it as a break from the daily stress of school and exams.

Recently, however, we wanted the club to have a bigger impact. Since January we have set an aim for us to work towards, we are going to knit a blanket as a group and donate it! Maddy, who also runs the club said, “I’m excited to do something as a team that will also benefit my community”. We are planning to donate the blanket to an elderly home, Foxbridge House Care Home in Sevenoaks. 

We chose a care home because the elderly suffer a lot during these icy temperatures and to remind them that there are people who care for them when they feel lonely, as the elderly often do.

Anyone can pop into the club and join in, we will teach them how to knit (or the basics at least- we aren’t quite professionals yet) and provide needles and wool. We aim to collect lots of patchwork squares to later knit into a big blanket.

Not only does this group aim to create a fun challenge but also knit and natter has a meaningful purpose now and attracts more students, for all the right reasons.

I hope our project inspires or motivates you to do something similar for your community, and remember to keep warm this winter!