From Penge east to Anerley train station, scattered across the area, on brick walls, shutters, doors and shop sides, is fantastic street art curated by artists for the SprayExbhition20 project. SprayExbhition20 is a non-profit, non-funded project based in SE20 (South East London) and features an array of artists work in numerous spaces around the area.

Since first starting in February 2016, with the first artwork painted on a shutter in Maple Road, the project has blossomed. Now there are over 100 pieces, which have been sourced around town to various artists. More art around town has positively affected the local community, with local businesses offering more spaces and involving themselves with this project. Steve, who works in running this project says that “Street Art is the most democratic form of art and doesn't have to do be accepted by an institution, like a museum. It doesn't charge people to see it but is simply there for those who wish to engage with it.” Growth and interest in these artworks is evident by the projects’ progression over the last 3 years . Steve proposed that such progress has been made due to “the quality of work produced” and “once store owners saw this high quality they wanted to get more involved.”

Upon questioning, Cherise, a resident of Penge said that “ Honestly artworks here make such a difference, giving Penge a unique vibrancy. It makes me love living here.” The street art engages the local community and is a way for artist to showcase their art- ultimately benefiting everybody.Artists are selected based on the spaces available. Different artist prefer different surfaces promoting Steve to consider “who would be happy to work this particular space and who would use it well?”Artists contact him to discuss and plan artworks for the project.

The SprayExbhition20 project has added a distinctive energy to SE20 and only promises to flourish as the year 2019 goes on. If ever around the area, finding as many of these artworks as possible promises to be worthwhile.