On the 8th of January 2019 at 6:30pm In Leyton on Bickley Road, a 14-year-old boy Jaden Moodie was knocked off his moped and was stabbed and died at the scene. He was the youngest person to be killed on the streets of London since 2008. His family moved over to London from Nottingham 6 months ago. A local resident Aderonke Ademola aged 16 said “I’m fed up of all these killings. People are killing each other over nothing.”

Statistics from UK CRIME STATS the leading crime and postcode data research and analysis platform, have shown that in November 2018 there was a total of 265 violent crimes in Walthamstow and the month before that October 2018 there was 285 violent crimes in Walthamstow. Despite improvements to the area such as more government funding and Walthamstow being made the first London Borough of Culture. Residents are still worried about the area’s crime rates. Sandra Lewis a grown woman with 5 children said, “The money spent on the London Borough of Culture should have been spent on trying to prevent crime in the area.” The police station in Walthamstow, located in Walthamstow Market is now closed. The police station has been put into Chingford an area with a very low crime rate. This was done as an attempt to cut back on spending £400million on the police. “In London there will be one police station in every borough” Sadiq Khan said “There will still be police patrolling the streets and they will still get to emergency’s quickly”.