The projects carried out by the Sustainable Merton help bring people in the community together so they too can understand and care about the environment. For sustainable Merton, sustainability means running a system that supports current society without harming the prospects of future generations - living in the present in a way that doesn’t compromise the future by only using the resources which are readily replaceable. The charity plays a vital role in our society, encouraging and helping people to take part in keeping their environment safe.  Sustainability is brought about by a community, it requires action taken by the whole community and the results benefit the whole community.

The movement includes a growing team of passionate candidates who want to improve the environment and make a positive impact in our community. They use the knowledge, talents, and enthusiasm of these volunteers to initiate change in the community.  They believe that the most efficient way to encourage and work towards sustainability is by working with the community, after all, we can accomplish a lot more together than alone. 

In the past, the charity has completed a range of successful projects including their most famous project, Dig Merton which aimed to provide help to local residents by allowing them to enjoy the many benefits of working on local land. The initiative led to many beautiful community garden spaces surfacing which the locals can take full advantage of. They recently started a challenge called #PlasticFreeMerton challenge where they encourage people to take individual action to reduce the amount of plastic waste. Their website informs us that if an action is not taken against the use of plastic then more and more plastic will be dumped into the ocean and by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. Their challenge is to call on people to evaluate their plastic usage and lower it so we can help the ecosystem.

Likewise to the Dig Merton movement and the #PlasticFreeMerton challenge, the charity takes many actions combating a specific area in the environment and making it a better, healthier place to live bit by bit so that the people now and the future generation can enjoy the same beauty of nature that we can.

Emma a community Chaplin at Sustainable Merton commented that Our individual actions have a global impact. Together we can make small changes that add up to big results." If you would like to be a community Chaplin then check their website at We should all try to make a difference in the world we live in.