After a long week and a long day of work, many families choose to indulge in fast-food Fridays, bringing convenience to tired parents and joy to hungry, excited children.

Families residing near Chessington North Station will now experience increased convenience with a newly opened KFC at their doorstep!

Overtaking the venue of an old, closed down chip shop, the opening of KFC has excited may residents, especially teenagers. Zoe Knowles, a local to the area, states ‘I love KFC! Now that there’s one so close to my house I can come more often without the effort of catching the bus all the way to Surbiton. I’m so excited!’

This seems to be a popular reaction amongst locals, all seemingly sharing excitement towards the introduction of KFC along North Parade, fitting in perfectly with a selection of cafes and corner shops.

Zoe added ‘I had KFC for dinner on Saturday, the day after it opened. It was so quick and easy.’

Emma Banham, another local resident stated ‘before, the only fast-food places were in Surbiton but now I have one right at the end of my road so if I don’t want to cook or get a bit hungry after school, its right there!’

However, she is also considering the down-side, noticing a change in her area ‘I am a bit worried that it will attract the wrong crowd. It's extremely busy and very difficult to move, always full of teenagers hanging around, inside and outside the shop.’

With North Parade’s first addition of a popular fast-food chain comes excitement and a degree of uncertainty for the future prosperity of the area. Will KFC bring joy and convenience to Chessington North, or will it cause a Kentucky Fried Frenzy amongst its residents? Only time will tell!