The number of violent crimes committed in London has increased abundantly in the last two years. In the years 2012/13 violent crimes in London amounted to 150,168 offences, but as the years went by, they increased a large amount and rapidly, which resulted in 250,278 violent offences by 2017/18.

 The increase in knife crime in London has occurred alongside a general increase of crime in London, including a rise in acid attacks in 2017 and crimes committed by suspects riding mopeds. The reason why there is a massive increase in violent crime is because of the lack of job opportunities for young people which essentially sways young people into doing illegal things and mixing with the wrong crowd such as gang organisations in exchange for quick cash but with being a part of these gangs it automatically puts you in a position where you receive rivals, where you need to find a way to survive, were you’re in a position to take a life from another or go to prison.

 Also, another cause of the increase in violent crimes is due to the new genre of music identified as ‘drill’. Drill music is were gang members glorify their life as a gang member, talking about things such as stabbing, killing people also making money through selling illegal substances, which influences the youth as they see these ‘drill rappers’ making a lot of money from gang activities, then the young people see this and view this as a quick way to make lots of money instantly not realising the deadly effect/consequences the lifestyle comes with, therefore this is the reason why the crime rate has increased heavily and this is why higher authority have come to terms with trying to ban drill music as they see the massive impact it holds to the youth and how crime has increased since the surge of drill music.