Social media in today’s society to me is like the drug we love to consume and struggle to surrender from. It holds the biggest influence upon us and to an extent is able to change our conception on how we view things morally and immorally. Social media holds a great power to portray anything in the way it wants, knowing that the majority of the UK can be easily convinced by what it portrays. The media manipulates the catastrophe that is happening in the UK to feed into the angry people of the English society. This could involve conflict within different social groups who already have a barrier amongst each other. Social media is like the voice of the conservative who are majority Catholics or Christians. The media is more political than we think it is, it only sheds the light on what the majority of the society want to hear about a specific social group to then act upon the matter in a negative aspect, for instance I can explain the situation with Tommy Robinson and the Syrian family were the 15 year old boy was viciously attack by another student who was British for what it is seemed to be for no reason and there has been major backlash as the video has been spiraled around the media being viewed millions of time. Tommy had put up a video to the media expressing how he felt about the situation. He claimed that “lots of Muslim gangs are beating up white English kids” and further claiming that the Syrian student is “not innocent” due to apparently being involved in a gang who had beaten a girl up in the same school before, however, the mother of the child who had got beaten has publicly announced that the 15 year old boy was not involved in that situation which displays how Tommy Robinson will say anything in order to justify the horrendous attack on the 15 year old boy.


The majority of the media or other social networks are right-wing and they follow the strategy of the conservatives and try to push those ideologies or theories onto the public and with the catastrophes that is happening in today’s world it influences the public to believe that their methods presented are the right methods to go forward with their policies “ to make England a better place”. England is known for their people to be united and together as one, however with the war happening in the middle east and crimes being committed in the UK (acid attacks in 2017 being blamed on Muslims), insinuating that all of the Muslim populations are terrorists, indoctrinating readers in believing this, although it is far from the truth as you cannot blame a crime on a whole religion. Furthermore, the generational clash between the elderly and the youth is a factor of today’s voting system for the election of the right party to lead our country. For instance the youth of today show no interest in politics and voting due to their lack of knowledge in the parties, also what they stand for and due to the overwhelming effects of social media, the youth of today would rather be on Instagram than to take interest in what’s happening in the country politically, which then allows the elderly people to express their views and let their voices be heard on a more frequent basis, in contrast to younger people, although the young people should be at the fore front as they are the future and it is essentially their world as they seen to be next. However, there is definitely a difference in views between the elderly and youth but the only views being heard is the elderly, even though there are some youths that are knowledgeable and understand what is happening in politics they still choose not to get involved and vote due to their beliefs that it won’t make a difference. We need to understand everything said to us in a deeper concept to make our country better for us and not let the media dictate our actions and thy way we think about the things happening in this world.