On the night of the 29th November , St Georges Cathedral in south London hosted a memorable event commemorating the lost lives of victims to knife crimes as well as addressing capital issues such as the work of City hall to implement more social housing and dealing with pollution in London. 

Mayor Sadiq Khan attended the evening in support of Citizens Uk who aims to act together for "power , social justice and the common good";  A campaign that is supported by the majority of the British Populus. Mayor Khan stated on his social media that it was a " Great night" and that he was in full support. 

The night consisted in an orderly fashion of admirable speakers who demonstrated the progress of London in their speeches which was showcased to over a thousand  people. The event was open to all as the general public that was seated in their chairs were a mix of State schools and Political enthusiasts from the age of as young as nine to a maximum of 62. It was a diverse atmosphere which emphasised the true meaning of what it is to be a Londoner. To be accepting of a Multicultural society in which all aim to work collaboratively to benefit all. 

The organisers allowed for a demonstration of multiculturalism as An Oriental based Performance was provided with Traditional Asian Instruments which brightened up the room with enjoyment. As the night progressed , the issues that the common Londoner faced was made aware and recognised by the mayor as he had allowed for a speaker to recite a speech about the death of her son ; a victim of knife crime. 

As the night grew to an end , all were joined in unison to light candles to show respect to hose lost , despite age ,race,gender and sexuality. All took part and performed at the end a tribute by singing "Blinded By Your Grace". 

The night addresses the core issues of capitalist failures and provided solutions to which could provide ease and sustainability to the citizens of the U.K. over a duration of time