On the 29th of October “Yellow Days”- a young an upcoming act that one could only describe as modern soul-  played in the Brixton Electric, to a crowd of eager fans. With a long, but engaging support act, the crowd were ready to see him grace the stage. 

After a quick test of the stage, he graced it with his ensemble. With a voice from the heart, he was captivating throughout. Flickering between works for his old album, his new singles, unreleased work and covers of soul classics- Etta James “i’d rather go blind” being a particular favourite. Regardless of what he sung, it was packed with emotion and passion that left the audience in a half hypnotic state, as lights fizzled between what seemed the whole range of human sight. It was almost as if time ceased to exist, in this moment reality seemed to cease to exist and talent shined. 

Time will only tell what come of his career, but he is clearly off to a great start.