The importance of boxing

At the start of this year I wanted to get fit, so I started boxing as I had heard that the training was very intense. What I didn’t realise was that boxing was not just a brawl of throwing and taking punches until collapse, but instead it is an art of respectful fighting between two trained fighters not out of anger but it is as a sport and out of respect for the opponent. There is a surprising amount of unseen technique that go in boxing, so much so that after even just a month of training you realise that when you spar you aren’t thinking about punching well at least not at first because the first thing everyone thinks is guard a way to make them not get hurt but when you get further in you start to think more about footwork where you are standing how you are standing wheat you can effectively throw a punch from how you’re standing weather you can pivot get in or out of range quickly or weather you need to do so but after you get more comfortable with both of those aspects of the fight that is when you start to work on punching because the first thing you need to know about a good punch is that it comes from the legs you can punch with your fists and let the opponent know you are their or you can push from the ground twist you ankle, knee, entire leg, torso and shoulder and punch through the opponent.

Another reason that boxing is really important is because it can really help with many things that may be holding down the youth such as anger issues which they can let out with a strong punch or ADHD where they can be taught discipline and learn how to control themselves or obesity because as I said the training routine is very intense.

As a final point for boxing is very vital and can be summed up by a common saying “put down the knife pick up a glove “ which is a way of directing people away from violence and towards boxing as a way to settle any differences which keeps a lot of young people that would be doing violence or other crimes off the street and sets them straight with a healthy lifestyle and attitude.